Manavata is one of the best and reliable nursing colleges in Manmad offers 100% job guaranteed healthcare courses like ANM Nursing Assistant & OT Assistant Diploma absolutely free with course material and stipend salary.

वेबसाईट मराठी भाषेत बघण्यासाठी वरील डाव्या बाजुला दिलेल्या बटनावर क्लिक करा व मराठी भाषा निवडा

We offer healthcare courses to generate more employment opportunities since 2019 absolutely free that’s why we are one of the most trust worthy nursing colleges in Manmad. There are millions of healthcare jobs available in India and abroad. The right career path can lead you to success, better life, prosperity and most importantly job satisfaction.

Healthcare service providers are doing holy jobs because they treat people, fight diseases and ailments, being new life to dying people and serve the humanity the best possible way. So healthcare service providers are being in the view of people with great respect and are offered many perks from private and government agencies. 

Best thing about healthcare industry career is that one with minimum qualification can also get good paying job in less time without paying high fees. Udaan Nursing is one of the renowned and highly appreciated nursing college in Manmad which strive to provide trained healthcare staff to hospitals, clinics, medical labs & research centers respectively. 

Here you are going to learn about minimum education criteria, course details, syllabus, affiliation body and career prospectus after completing ANM (Assistant Nursing Midwifery) Diploma Course.

If you are ready to treat people, help them fight diseases and ailments, learn new medical technologies, earn handsome income and get job guarantee then you are welcome to apply for this course today. 

nursing colleges in ahmednagar

Course Details

ANM Nursing Diploma

The Assistant Nurse Midwifery program is of one year duration leading to a diploma as Assistant Nurse and Midwife.
The A.N.M. Program intends to prepare skilled female health workers to work in both urban and rural communities to improve the health system and health status of India.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates should have passed 10th standard minimum. Candidate should complete 17 years of age. The age limit is up to 35 years. Admission is subject to satisfactory health status of the candidate.

Standard of Passing

Fifty percent marks in both Internal and external examination.

Course Duration & Fees

1 Year Full Time Diploma Course. No Fees. Free Diploma Course.

Affiliation Bodies

Affiliated by Vocational Training Board of India and proposed by NewAge Educational Foundation's Udaan Nursing which is one of the best nursing colleges in Manmad. NewAge Educational Foundation is registered under Maharashtra Government Educational Organization body.

Selection Process

Candidates will be selected after interview at institute of nursing education.

Practical Training

Each student has to undergo the clinical experience prescribed by Indian Nursing Council and Maharashtra Nursing Council each year with 95-100% attendance.

Assessment & Examination

Internal Assessment at institute and final examination is conducted by the Vocational Training Board of India every year.


The purpose of the ANM course is to prepare an ANM Nurse to function at community level / village with specific skills to fulfill the health needs of the community. She will be an active link between the community and health care system.

Special Facilities For ANM & OT Assistant Students

We offer Free ANM (Assistant Nursing Midwifery) & OT Assistant (Operation Theater Assistant) Diploma Courses.Affiliated By Vocational Training Board of India and offered by Registered Educational Foundation of Government of Maharashtra.

Free Courses

We offer free ANM Nursing & OT Assistant Diploma Courses (Duration - 1 Year) to all students of any category.

Free Course Materials

We offer free course materials like pen, notebooks, notes and apron to students.

Free Hostel Facility

Hostel facility is absolutely free to all students during course theory and course internship in hospitals.

Free COVID Safety Insurance

We offer free COVID - 19 insurance to our students of worth Rs. 6 Lakhs for course duration.

Free Accidental Insurance

We also offer accidental insurance to our students of worth Rs. 5 Lakhs for couses duration.

100% Job Guarantee & Stipend

We offer 100% Job Placement from our side after the completion of the course. Students get stipend salary every month during course.

Job Responsibilities of Nurses

The role of the nurse is to care for patients, fulfilling their medical needs at the appropriate time and following all given guidelines from doctors, medical officers and hospital management.

Nurses are responsible for a number of tasks, including taking patients’ vital signs, checking their health records, and giving them medications on time. Nurses also help patients who are having trouble breathing, and they provide emergency medical services when necessary.

It’s necessary for a good medical team to fulfill all the healthcare requirements of patients. It’s important to communicate well with the team in order to work more effectively and solve problems more quickly. Communication skills are important for nurses because they need to frequently deal with patients, hospital team, and patient family members.

Nurses are also trained in operating various medical equipment and it is very important for them to monitor and keep records of vital signs of patients. It is also the responsibility of a nurse to take accurate readings of medical equipment and this information needs to be passed to the treating doctors and operated on the equipment accurately to avoid any errors, and potential medical threats.

ANM (Assistant Nursing Midwifery) - Syllabus & Guidelines

Duration – 1 Year + Theory + Practical + Internship + Monthly Stipend Salary

The ANM (Associate in Nursing Midwifery) program is a one year diploma. This is a course that prepares students for a career as a midwifery nurse in the private healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, medical labs, nursing homes, healthcare research institutes and blood banks.
The course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the healthcare industry and its functions, patient management, basic hospital records management, and professional nursing activities.

Basically this diploma is comprises of two sections:
1) Theory
2) Practical training at the hospitals.

ANM (Assistant Nursing Midwifery) diploma is 100% job oriented course by Manavata Nursing which is one of the best nursing colleges in Manmad. We offer in campus interviews for placements of our students. There is huge demand for healthcare workers around the country. ANM Nurses can apply for the jobs in private healthcare institutions like clinics, hospitals, blood banks, medical labs and research centers.
We will guarantee that upon completion of this course, you will be placed in a prestigious hospital. Many of our graduates have been placed in well-paying private hospitals throughout the state of Maharashtra.
We expect your commitment and authentic effort to complete this course and your future employment is our responsibility.

How To Apply?

Please fill the above or below given form with your correct information and our representative will call you within 24 hours with all necessary details. You can apply for course online or on phone. Contact – Mr. Anil Mohite Sir – Mobile: 9623442611 for phone support. 

You can also chat with our education representative via WhatsApp. Click on the WhatsApp Chat Button at the bottom to take any help online. 

Documents Requirements

It is compulsory for aspirants to be at least 10th passed. You need to provide following attested document zerox copies.

  • Marksheet Zerox – 10th / 12th / Graduation
  • Aadhar Card Zerox
  • School Leaving Certificate Zerox
  • 4 Passsport Size Photos

Admission Form To Be Filled At Office. 

Training Hospital & Theory

All the students are necessary to attend 11 month practical trainings at our alliance hospitals with at least 95% to 98% attendance. 

Training hospital recruitment is based on the sole decision of the vocational training board of India. Hostel facility is provided for all trainee students at training hospital premises with other amenities.

Examinations are held two times in a year.

Examinations are consists of theory papers and practical marks. Diploma certificates are awarded to passing students from Vocational Training Board of India and valid globally. 

विद्यार्थ्यांचे प्रशस्तिपत्रक

मला ईरा पॅरामेडिकल एज्युकेशन इन्स्टिट्युट, नाशिक द्वारे हेल्थकेअर उद्योगातील उज्वल व परिणामकारक कार्यकिरदगीसाठी उत्तम मार्गदर्शन देण्यात आले. प्राध्यापक डॉक्टर. डॉ. किसनलाल सोनवणे यांच्या द्वारे पॅरामेडिक प्रशिक्षण खरोखर उपयुक्त असुन त्यांची शिकवणी अद्भुत आहेत. नोकरीच्या प्लेसमेंटसाठी मला कधीही संघर्ष करावा लागला नाही.
nursing colleges in ahmednagar
कविता भांबरे
नाशिक, महाराष्ट्र
मी ईरा पॅरामेडिकल एज्युकेशन इन्स्टिट्युट, नाशिक द्वारे सण २०२० मध्ये Patient Assistant सर्टिफिकेट कोर्स पूर्ण केला आणि इन्स्टिट्युटने मला १ महिन्याच्या आत चांगला पगार वर नामांकित हॉस्पिटलमध्ये नोकरी मिळवुन दिली आहे. खूप खूप धन्यवाद.
कविता शिंदे
ओझर, नाशिक, महाराष्ट्र
त्यांचा फार्मेसी असिस्टंट रोजगाराभिमुख आहे. ईरा पॅरामेडिकल एज्युकेशन इन्स्टिट्युट, नाशिक मध्ये प्रशिक्षण घेऊन मी खुप आनंदी आहे. त्यांच्याकडे तज्ञ आणि अनुभवी अध्यापन विद्याशाखा आहेत.
अजय चव्हाण
इगतपुरी, नाशिक, महाराष्ट्र
मला हेल्थकेअर इंडस्ट्रीमध्ये करियर बनवायचे होते. योग्य करिअर निवडण्यासाठी त्यांनी मला मार्गदर्शन केले. आता मी नाशिकमध्ये परिचारिका म्हणून काम करत आहे.
दिव्या ठाकरे
नाशिक, महाराष्ट्र

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